The Best Bow Sights in 2020

We are in the hunting season, and many of us are going to be dusting off the old bow to hopefully bag a deer. Alternatively, maybe you just like archery as a sport and want to dust off your old targets. Unless you are Legolas himself, you probably need a bow sight to help your arrow reach its destination.

However, when you look at bow sights, it can be very overwhelming. There are so many of them, with prices ranging from under $30 to over $500. What should you get? Should you splurge on a bow sight, get something cheaper, or buy something in-between. If you are unsure which types of bow sights will work well, this article will help out..

What Should I Look For When Buying Bow Sights? 

Everyone is different, so it makes sense that you need to be selective with your bow sights and make sure you purchase the best bow sights for the job. If you’re new to the archery world, you may be a little intimidated by all features of a bow sight. Let’s break it down for you.

Pin Numbers

When you look at the best bow sights, you may notice that a lot of them have an option to choose how many pins they have. A pin bow sight usually costs more depending on the number of pins they have. You may wonder if you should pick a single pin sight or a multi-pin sight.

There is no correct answer to this, as every shooter is different. Some people may swear by the single pin bow sight, while others will want a multi-pin sight. In order to determine which is right for you, let’s break down each number.

Single Pin Bow Sight

A single pin gives a hunter clarity and a view that is less cluttered. It is the most accurate, as the hunter is able to have a spot-on yardage. If you are hunting small animals or you have to shoot a distance, a single pin bow sight can work.

So, what’s the problem? With a single pin sight, you do have to adjust it constantly during a close encounter. You can set it at a fixed distance, which can work if your shots are within 30 yards. It’s a pin setting we recommend if you are experienced.

2-3 Pins

The clarity of this pin bow sight is a little reduced, but otherwise, it still provides a clear view of the target. For many hunters, a 3-pin setup is the limit, with most not going beyond 40 yards. With pins, a good rule to follow is to use only the amount of pins that are necessary. This isn’t something where the more pins you have, the better. Your fixed pin sight should have the right amount, and the 3-pin is a good selection.

The only downside of a 3-pin setup is that it’s not meant for super long range, and it can’t make follow-up shots, either.

5 Pins

Now we get to the true multi-pin sight setups. There are still reasons to get a 5 pin. Many 3D archers and those who shoot targets tend to love these due to their ability to shoot long-range. For a hunter, the 5-pin setup may not work well, as the animal can get scared when you are busy adjusting the pin amount. However, if your target is easily scared, then you may find that a 5-pin sight is a better alternative than a single pin sight, with more follow-up shots being possible.

7 Pins

When it comes to a multi-pin bow sight, you can’t get more multi-pin than 7. These multi-pin sights are not as popular, as some people feel like these types of bow sights are unnecessary. They are not too practical if you are game hunting. However, if you like to have long-range target practice sessions, this is one of those types of bow sights that’s great for this.

It has the most flexibility in distance and groupings are improved. However, it’s easier to pick the wrong pin, and it does make things a little more cluttered.

So, for your pin bow sights, you may wonder how any will work for you. It all depends on you, to be honest. Many hunters will put the arrow in the sand and tell you that 3 or 5 is how many you need definitively, but everyone is different. You may need a few more or a few less.

What rules people can agree on is that it’s important to pick as few pins as you can. With pin bow sights, a little definitely goes a long way. You should also use tough fiber optic pins and have a pin guard that’s round.

Adjustable or Fixed Pins

Besides how many pin sights you should have, it’s also important for you to choose between adjustable or fixed pins. Now, you may wonder what the difference is. In short, the fixed pins are part of a multi-pin system, while an adjustable pin is just one.

A multi-pin fixed setup means that you can pick from preset distances that you may have to shoot when you hunt. This gives you more confidence and means that you won’t be wasting your time trying to mess with the pin to get the right distance. It just requires you to aim and shoot. The only downside is that you may choose the wrong pin, meaning that you will miss your target.

However, if you want to change the distance instantly, an adjustable pin is better. There is usually a reference guide so you can make sure you adjust the pin sights correctly to get your right target. The only downsides are that adjusting the pin sights can require you to act fast, and you will need to readjust should the target be on the move.


With pin sights, you may notice that they have sizes that can vary. You may see it anywhere from .010″ to .029″. You may wonder what the size means.

Simply put, a bigger pin means that it’s easier to see the pin sight especially when it’s darker. If you are shooting in low lighting and have no other tools to help you out, bigger pin sights may be what you need. The only downside is that because the pin sight is bigger, this means that it can be a little less accurate. If you are shooting a small target, big pin sights can be a little bit troublesome.

Of course, some types of pin sight allow for the best of both worlds. There are fiber optic pins that can show the pin in low light and not take up too much space. This means that you can both shoot in low light conditions and be as accurate as possible. No having to worry about how big your fixed pin sight is.

For many archers, 0.19″ is the right size, being big enough to see in low light conditions, but small enough to be accurate. If you are shooting 50 yards or longer, you may need something smaller. When in doubt, having multiple bow sights may help with this.

The Round Pin Guard

When you purchase bow sights that are newer, many sights will come with something called round pin guards. This feature found in the modern pin bow sight allows you to center a round peep sight more easily. This means you have better accuracy over its square pin guard counterparts. The square pin bow sight is going out of style, so you may want to make sure the sights you’re looking at are round.

When using round sights, centering it in the peep sight will allow you to keep the anchor point so you can shoot either nearby or far away. Just raise or lower your bow until the pin is on the correct point, and your anchor should remain the same. This makes using pin bow sights so much easier than without it.

Also, you should use a bigger peep sight. This allows more light to come in, meaning that you can shoot in darker settings. If you’re hunting at night, these types of bow sights may be important for you to get your target. You don’t want to end up missing your target because your bow sights lack this.

The Bubble Level

This is needed for consistency when you shoot. Centering the level helps you make sure that you avoid missing shots that are side to side. You don’t need to use this, but some bow sights may have it and allow you better aims. You may want to consult with a professional, as even bow sights that include it may need some tinkering to get it right. With that said, you may find sights that come with adjustments to make adjusting the bow sight easier.

Right or Left-Handed?

When looking at a bow sight, you may notice that some bow sights are targeted for left-handed people, some are targeted for right-handed people, and there are some that are ambidextrous. It’s important you pick the best bow sights for whatever hand you use.

High Quality Materials and Fiber Optic Pins

Many people want the best bow sights, and good sights tend to include materials that don’t feel like cheap plastic. They are made from pure metal. Good materials extend to the pin sights. Fiber optic pins can be poorly made, breaking with just a little bit of pressure. It is important that one picks compound bow sights that have pins that are made from quality materials that will last.

Sight Light

Some bow sights have an area for you to add a bow sight light, and some come with lights already attached. This can help you to illuminate the pins and allow you to shoot at night. Some sights even have adjustable brightness to help you adjust to low light conditions or too much light. The only downside to this is some states won’t allow electronic attachments, so check your local laws first.

The Micro Adjustment

In order to have the best accuracy, many bow sights will use micro adjustment. This works by loosening screws and then turning a knob to allow your sight to be adjusted. A bow sight with micro adjustment isn’t cheap, and when you do lock your pins, you won’t need it. However, some people may find that it works well enough to warrant the extra cost.


Speaking of extra cost, it’s important to look for the best sights for your bow that fit your budget. As mentioned, bow sights come in different prices, from cheap to expensive. Newbies, youngsters, or people who don’t have much money may benefit from something cheaper. However, if you want something more advanced or more accurate, you may want to look for a compound bow sight that is more expensive.

Warranty and Customer Service

Finally, you want to buy bow sights from companies that stand by their product. Should anything be wrong with it, you’ll want a company that can repair, replace, or offer customer service with no extra hassle. Always make sure your warranty for the compound bow sight is reasonable.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best Bow Sights

We tried to pick from different bow sights of varying prices and needs. From the single pin sight to multi-pin, we picked from those and more. Another thing we looked at was the overall review score, and we tried to make sure we chose bow sights that had positive reviews overall.

#1: TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight (Best Value – All-Purpose)

If you are looking for a pin bow sight and you have a medium-sized budget, this is the best overall. The number one bow sight on this list is something that combines value with quality.

This bow sight is available in one or two dots. It uses an illuminated dot in the center to give you a more open view and allows for the most accuracy possible. It’s great for shots of all distances, and you can adjust the brightness to the right level for your situation. This bow sight uses a toolless design and is easily adjustable so you can shoot your target ASAP. It uses a Range Rover kit as well for twice the magnification, allowing your chances to shoot your target to increase.

This is one of those bow sights that also is adjustable for either hand. Whether you’re left- or right-handed, this will make sure you hit your target.

Reviews of this bow sight are positive overall, with many saying it’s among the best bow sight accessories money can buy. People love its accuracy and ease of use. A few people had complaints with the materials used, and one reviewer did say it wasn’t as left-handed friendly as advertised, but these complaints were in the minority.

Overall, if you want a bow sight that gets the job done, this is one of those bow sights that can work for you. It’s not a traditional pin bow sight, but instead something more modern, offering LED pins. Since this is an electric product, you may want to do some research and see if your local laws will allow this. You don’t want to hunt and not be in the legal clear. If you are in the clear, great. If not, then you may want to look at the other products we have in this list that may work better.

#2: Garmin Xero A1 Bow Sight, 2″ (Best Overall)

If you are hardcore into archery, you may want to buy the best bow sight on the market. You’re someone who has a large budget, and you’re willing to spend lots of money to get the best around.

This bow sight is great for this need. It uses LED pins, which appear whenever you have your eyes on the target. This is a purely digital bow sight, adjusting brightness according to the weather conditions. No having to worry about physical pins taking over your line of sight. You can customize the pin for a single-pin or multi-pin sight, and you can choose manually as well.

This bow sight can shoot game that’s up to 100 yards away, or targets up to 300. This bow sight doesn’t need any movement, and mounting is easy. No having to worry about scaring your target off because you have a noisy bow sight.

This bow sight does need two AAA batteries, which aren’t included. For the price, why they did not include them is beyond us. However, once you do have the batteries, they should last you up to a year, so you can make sure you’re ready to go.

Also, this bow sight is updatable, so keep it updated in order to improve its accuracy.

Reviews of this bow sight are positive overall, with many saying it’s among the best bow sights for hardcore archers. If you are looking for an advanced bow sight, this has you covered. Some reviewers had issues with the manual, saying it was useless, or with the bow sight freezing up. However, this problem may be avoided if you can keep it updated.

Overall, this is a great sight if you are looking for something more technologically advanced. For most people who are hunting or shooting targets, they can live with something cheaper. The traditional bow sight is still alive and kicking. However, if you want to be a part of the next generation of hunters, this is a great sight for you to try out. It does cost a lot of money, but if you are serious with your hunting, then you may believe that it’s well worth it. The same applies to your bow itself. Many will spend more on a bow that costs a lot because bow hunting is a passion.

#3:Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL (Best Long Sight)

This is a great bow sight if you want something with a long dovetail bar. At six inches, it is a strong, yet lightweight bow sight.

What else does this bow sight have to offer? It is available as a single- or double-pin bow sight. For this article, we’re focusing on the double-pin bow sight. It has a release lock that’s silent and works fast so you can adjust the bow sight without any tools or sound.

This particular bow sight is for right-handed people and is mid-ranged in price, making it good for most people. Reviews of this bow sight are positive overall, with many saying it’s one of the best. It’s precise, fast, and it works well for most people. The only criticism one four-star reviewer had was that they couldn’t figure out the second pin.

Overall, this bow sight is one of the best if you need something long, yet lightweight. It’s also good if you want to spend a good amount on a bow sight, but the Garmin is too expensive or not what you are looking for. We believe that this will satisfy most hunters.

#4: Trophy Ridge Joker Bow Sight (Best Low Cost)

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A bow sight doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase. If you’re new to the compound bow world, you don’t need to spend too much on a bow sight. Alternatively, this is great if you need something decent and you don’t have too much of a budget. This is available in a 4 fixed-pin sight or a 3-pin, with the 4 being much cheaper. It uses .019″ fiber optic pins.

This is a reverse-mount bow sight too, which means it’s good for left- or right-handed people. Its bubble level should allow you to align your shots, and there is more than one mounting hole if you want some customization. Its green hood also improves sight acquisition quite well.

Reviews of this bow sight are positive, with many saying it’s the best bow sight if you are on a budget. It works well for most archers, though some reviewers did not like the cheap plastic parts. With a cheaper bow sight, you do get what you pay for, so if you want something made from aluminum or another metal, you will have to spend more. However, if you are on a tight budget, this is the best bow sight for that.

Overall, this is great for people new to hunting, or for people who are on a budget and need something that will work well enough. While not as durable or as advanced as others on this list, most will find that it is a great little device for low-cost hunting.

#5: 2020 Compound Bow and Arrow for Adults and Teens (Best Package)

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If you’re not only looking for a bow sight, but also the bow itself, this package may be what you need. By purchasing a bow sight along with the bow itself, you can end up saving money. This compound bow is easily adjustable, making it great for all ages. Right out of the box, this is ready for you to shoot. This bow is aluminum and durable, having no cheap parts.

Both newbies and experts alike will love this bow. In addition, it does come with a 5-pin sight and some other accessories as well. It has pretty much everything you’d need for an archery adventure.

Reviews of this compound bow and bow sight have been positive overall, with most people saying that every part of this package is high-quality and that it’s a great deal. Negative reviews seem to mostly center around people who didn’t get everything included in the package. Sometimes that does happen, and it’s important you contact the seller ASAP in order to make it right.

Overall, this the best compound bow and bow sight if you want everything in one package. The bow sight portion is also great if you like to shoot long-distance and need something that will match that demand.

Budget Options

If you’re someone who wants a bow sight but doesn’t have too much money to spend, you may be able to find cheaper sights if you look far enough. Here are some cheaper sights that will allow you to get somewhat of an accurate aim.

#1 Budget: Safari Choice Archery 5-Pin 0.029″

Going to Walmart for your bow sight needs may allow you to get something that’s cheaper yet gets the job done. This is a five-pin, meaning that it’s decent for long-distance targets. The pins are a little bigger, which does mean that you may have a harder time shooting smaller targets. However, this will also help in low light conditions. It’s a great bow sight if you need something cheap, however.

#2 Budget: Trophy Ridge Mist 3-Pin Bow Sight

This bow sight has 3 pins, making it ideal for most uses. It also comes in an ambidextrous style. With that said, this isn’t the most well-reviewed bow sight, with many people saying that there’s a reason why it’s so cheap. However, you may get lucky.

#3 Budget: Apex Gear Bow Sight Atomic 4-Pin with Light

If you’re looking for the cheapest bow sights, this is one you should look for. While not the best, it does have a light and four pins to allow for some flexibility. The only downside of this is that the shipping costs more than the bow sight itself. However, if you spend over $99, you do get free shipping. If you want to splurge on some other hunting equipment, it may be worth it.

Are Trophy Ridge Sights Good?

Trophy Ridge offers a wide range of sights for hunting if you want to hit your target with ease. At Amazon, most of their products have 4-4.5 stars on average, meaning that most hunters found them to be great. They have different types available for all kinds of budgets. From $20 to $200 or more, you may find sights for hunting that fit your needs.

If you are looking for the best Trophy Ridge products, here are several to look at.

Trophy Ridge React

This bow sight is available for left- and right-handed people, though the left version of the Trophy Ridge React does cost a little bit more. This comes with five .019″ pins, making it the happy medium. The Trophy Ridge React does reduce the amount of vibration your bow has and is lightweight.

Another feature the Trophy Ridge React has is the rheostat light. The rheostat light can help you adjust the brightness. If you plan on shooting in varying conditions, you may want a rheostat light on your bow sight. Luckily, this has a powerful rheostat light. This has a toolless adjustment as well, along with other features to allow for the best shot possible.

There is also the Trophy Ridge React Pro. If you want the same thing but a little more enhanced, the Trophy Ridge React Pro is for you.

Trophy Ridge Volt 5

The Trophy Ridge Volt 5 is one of their hunting bow sights that is great for those on a limited budget. While the Trophy Ridge Volt 5 isn’t going to be the most advanced unit out there, it does have five pins that are .019 inches and are made from fiber optic materials. The Trophy Ridge Volt also includes a bubble level, mounting holes, and can be used by left- and right-handed folks.

Despite its price, the Trophy Ridge Volt is decently reviewed. If you want to get into bow hunting or target practice, but you are on a tight budget or are a newbie, this may be a good bow sight for you to try. It’s not going to win any rewards or anything, but the price will make you smile.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit

If you are looking for single pin bow sights, this is a great single pin hunting bow sight for you to try. It has a single pin that is vertical. This single pin adjustable device allows you to increase your accuracy, and it is quiet as well. With no metal contacts, the Trophy Ridge Pursuit can keep you quiet, and it has “glo” indicator pins. This means that you can see quite well, even if the conditions have other plans.

So if you’re looking for a bow sight, Trophy ridge may be able to provide. They have sights with multiple pins that are adjustable, have tool-free features, and are easy to see and use. If you are looking for a bow sight for hunting and have a flexible budget, these are available in different types, too.

What Is the Best Single Pin Bow Sight?

A single pin sight allows you to improve your accuracy by offering a decluttered space. An adjustable, single pin sight is quite useful for that. You may wonder which is the best adjustable single-pin bow sight. While there is no definitive answer to this, one you may consider is the single-pin version of the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL. This is a long, lightweight sight that is easy to use. It does come in different types, so make sure you pick the single-pin version. It may end up being the best archery accessory you have, if you want the single-pin experience.

What Is the Best 5 Pin Bow Sight?

Even though some hunters stick to 1-3 pins, you may want something that can go beyond 30 yards. A sight with multiple pins can allow you to shoot targets from far away.

However, which bow sight with this amount of pins is the best? One we recommend checking out is the Trophy Ridge React Pro. This is a mid-ranged bow sight that uses mathematical precision to make adjustment much easier. This means that the five pins can move around to the correct location. It does have tool-free windage adjustment and the ability to adjust elevation, too.

Another feature this bow sight has is Third Axis adjustment. It can make your accuracy better when you’re dealing with some tough angles at a long distance.

Besides that, this bow sight is constructed from steel and aluminum and is available with .010″ to .019″ pins according to your preference.

What Is the Best 3 Pin Bow Sight?

For many hunters, a 3-pin provides the right balance between accuracy and distance, allowing you to shoot up to 30 yards with ease.

Many bow sights are available with 3 pins, but if you’re looking for this and you have a higher budget, the CBE Engage Hybrid 3 Pin .010″ is a good choice. This is micro-adjustable and has hybrid elevation adjustment, making the tricky shots a little less tricky. You can adjust the dovetail mounting system as well. It even comes with a quiver and a sight light.

If you are on a limited budget, you can find a bow sight for cheaper that has three pins. As we said, most bow sights have them, or at least have the choice for you to purchase them with that amount of pins.

Verdict: Your Best Bow Sights

There we go. We had our sights on the top five bow sights on the market. In case you were busy shooting at your own target, here are the top five sights again for your bow.

First, we have the TRUGLO Range-Rover PRO LED Bow Sight. This is the best bow sight if you want something that has advanced features, yet doesn’t cost too much. It uses LEDs instead of traditional pins, meaning you have some flexibility. With that said, make sure that you can use these types of bow sights in your region.

Second, the Garmin Xero. This is not a cheap bow sight whatsoever. However, it is an updatable sight with adjustable brightness and the ability for it to automatically adjust to your target. Again, it is an investment, but if you’re someone who is serious about hunting, this may be the best in our list of sights for your bow.

Third, we have the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL. This is one of those bow sights that is long, yet lightweight and easy to use. It’s well-made and durable. If you are looking for high-quality, traditional sights for your bow, this may be what you want to check out.

Fourth, we have the Trophy Ridge Joker. This is great if you are looking for something cheaper. This 4-pin bow sight is not made from the best materials or anything, but it will give you a satisfying enough experience for the price.

Finally, we have the 2020 Compound Bow and Arrow. This is a package that includes a bow, a sight, and other accessories needed for your bowhunting experience. If you need a new bow in addition to the site, this may work well.

There we go. We gave you the top fight sights for your bow. Picking a sight for your bow can be difficult, and some people may want to get as many as possible. Look at all of these carefully and try to pick the best bow sights for the job.

If you still aren’t sure, especially if you are a newbie to bow hunting, do not be afraid to talk to a professional. Go to a hunting store and see which sight would be the best for your bow. See if you can toy around with several bow sights in order to find the best one.

Remember that on Amazon, there is a 30-day return policy, so you can try out several and then return the ones that do not work for you. With hunting, you do not want to rest until you find the right bow sight for the job. Don’t settle for something that doesn’t fit you.

We hope this article helped. Good luck with your selection.

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